måndag 3 december 2012

The Brillmaster´s Christmas Countdown #22

# 22 Palma Violets - Best of Friends

Brillmaster´s note: This song should probably be a lot higher on the list but since I discovered it today I just threw it in at "a safe spot". After listening to it the whole day I would now say it deserves a top-10 spot. But maybe it´s the general "härriguud dehe e he bästa ja ha hört hypen" thats spooking around...

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  1. The Brillmaster4 december 2012 23:09

    Brillmasters additional note: Today it´s tuesday. It´s been about 35 hours since I discovered this song. Right now i´m feeling quite sure that it should deserve a top 3 spot. I just love the way he sings. Only a band releasing their debute singel can have that much desperationen squeezed into about3 minutes. More desperate voices in music, pleeeeeaze!