måndag 24 december 2012

The Brillmaster´s Christmas Countdown #1

#1 Kindness - Swinging Party

Brillmaster´s note: So this is it, what you all been wainting for the last 24 days! Brillmasters pick for the #1 spot is Kindness. It wasn´t an easy choice but in the end the only true competitor was Beach House. For me, listening to swinging party takes me to another universum! It´s such an fantastic atmosphere surrounding the song, you get drawn into it whether you like it or not. The Brillmaster loves it more than anything else in 2012! Without ANY doubt, the best song of 2012!

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  1. Puttemans´ note: A very nice song. Just to dive in and get lost in the rythm. And a very nice necklace, Puttemans wants one too! And maybe I should go for the hair as well :)