tisdag 2 oktober 2012

The Wire - höjdpunkten hittills


 Det här klippet är från S01E04 och helt klart höjdpunkten hittills. 

Upprepar man nånting tillräckligt mycket blir det roligt :)

Och nedan en lite djupare analys stulen från kommentatorfältet i Youtube:
"this is brilliant, the anti-CSI...a crime scene investigation scene that's not overly serious, not filled with jargon, and not constantly trying to prove to you how "clever" it thinks it is, Fincher would be proud. The writers had some balls to do this entire sequence using just one word the whole fucking time! The word "fuck" can convey so many different things. It's awesome how using the word "fuck" over and over actually does the opposite of dumbing it down for the audience."

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